Significant Enhancements for Hotel Valuation Software: V-6.0


Significant Upgrades

This new Version 6.0 software package has a number of enhancements including the following:

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General Enhancements

-Software runs on both Windows and Apple operating systems

-All the cells are color coded for easy entry
-The annoying macros have been eliminated

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Hotel Market Study and ADR Forecasting Model

-The ADR competitive positioning model contains a 10-year forecast table

-The market segments titles contain the name of the segment not the segment number.

-Occupancies are projected for all the existing and proposed hotels in the market.

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Hotel Revenue and Expense Forecasting Model

-The revenue and expense statement is made in accordance with the new Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels- Eleventh Revised Edition

-Input screen now contains the base year financial statement for “Quick Check.”

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Hotel Mortgage-Equity Valuation Model

-Contains valuations for both a 5 or 10-year holding period
-Value by a loan-to-value ratio, a debt coverage ratio, and a mortgage yield

-Program automatically inflates the net income after stabilization
 -Separate output screens for 5 and 10-year holding periods

-Additional project matrices have been added

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