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Hotel Valuation Software 6.0 is the only non-proprietary computer software designed specifically to assist in the preparation of hotel market studies, forecasts of income and expense, and hotel valuations. The software provides the framework, along with the mathematical calculations, to develop detailed forecasts of occupancy, average room rates, revenues and expenses that can be used as a basis for hotel market studies and appraisals. The tool consists of three separate software programs: 

Hotel Market Analysis and ADR Forecasting Model

Hotel Revenue and Expense Forecasting Model

Hotel Mortgage-Equity Valuation Model

Hotel Valuation Software was created by Steve Rushmore for his hotel consulting firm- HVS. It has been updated and enhanced by Professor Jan deRoos of the Cornell Hotel School. 

Hotel Valuation Software 6.0 is written as Microsoft Excel files (which runs on both Windows and Apple OS X operating systems) and comes with a detailed users’ guide and case study. Version 6.0 contains significant enhancements over Version 5.0 which is no longer distributed. Version 4.0 is available to those who purchased the text: Hotel Market Analysis and Valuation- International Issues and Software Applications from the Appraisal Institute. Version 4.0 only runs on Windows and the user interface is not particularly user-friendly. Hotel Valuation Software is also available in Mandarin.

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